Some little updates

I didn’t have a lot of time for the hobby recently, and I’m spending most of it on a forthcoming tutorial about how I paint my Legio Fureans inspired Taghmata Tyran. I managed, however, to do some small conversions.

Firstly, I found a suitable head for my Cairn Wraith based Tech-Priest by cutting the halo from a Sanguinary Guard head. I really like the feel of the mask, and it gives character to the model: he sacrificed its whole body to the machine-god, but still feels to his former humanity, insomuch as preserving part his mortal features in his new form.

Wraith Tech-Priest

I still haven’t found a satisfying bit to use as his body, but I think I will wait some months to see if the rumored Codex: Skitarii will ever became reality, as its accompanying models could have interesting parts that fit with the theme. Maybe it is just a dream, but why should we stop dreaming?

The second project that I managed to work on is an Adeptus Mechanicus themed weapon that will probably become part of the fortress I am working on.

Heawy Weapon

In the beginning it was going to be a Doomsday Device or a weapon for a custom Super-Heavy Vehicle for the concluding Apocalypse battle of a campaign I were playing in, but in the end it simply ended up sitting on my hobby desk for two years. I’m really happy I found it a new purpose.


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