Forging a Campaign: Serious Injuries

In the first post of this series I suggested some guidelines to incorporate heroes in a campaign, to define what (and who) they are, and to let them be the main characters of the story you are creating with your campaign. As I said in that same post, however, a Hero, to be worthy of the name, must struggle and overcome adversities becoming stronger. Today I shall talk about a specific kind of struggles: Serious Injuries, wounds so deep that they carry on from a battle to another. You can find some good rules for them on old Games Workshop Specialist Games like Necromunda, Mordheim or Gorkamorka. Those books where my main source of inspiration for these rules, but I had to alter them a lot to design something compatible with the main rules of the seventh edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Even if their actions will be preserved for the future generations and their deeds can shape the destiny of a galaxy, Heroes are not invulnerable. They bleed like every one of us, possibly even more, for they are able to withstand injuries that would kill a lesser being in an instant. When a Hero is removed from play as a casualty, either as a result of a special effect or because it lost its last Wound, you have to determine the real consequences of the tragic event.

At the end of each game, each player rolls a D66 on the table below for each one of his heroes that has been removed from play as a casualty. Remember that, if not explicitly specified, all these results last until the end of the campaign, so you should write them down somewhere.

Serious Injuries Table

11-14 Dead. The wound was too serious even for a Hero like him. The Hero cannot take part anymore to the Campaign.

15-16 Multiple Wounds. Roll D3 times on this table, rerolling all the Dead, Multiple Wounds and Hard-learned Lesson.

21 Leg Injury. The Hero’s movement distance is reduced by 1″. Also reduce by the same amount the Hero’s random movements, like moving through a Difficult Terrain or Charging. Note that random movements cannot be brought below 1″ by this reduction. The effects of two or more Leg Injury results are cumulative. The Hero does not receive any penalty if:

  • Its type is Bike, Jetbike, Vehicle or Flying Monstrous Creature;
  • It is embarked on a Transport or a Chariot;
  • Moves using a Jet Pack or a Jump Pack.

22-23 Serious Wound. The Hero must undergo long and difficult surgical treatments to recover. It cannot be deployed until the end of the next Campaign Phase.

24 Debilitating Wound. The Hero loses 1 Toughness point.

25 Purblind. The targets of the Hero’s shooting or melee attacks always benefit from the Night Fight special rule, even if the Hero has a special rule or equipment that would normally negate that.

26 Old Wound. Despite all the treatments received the Hero does not fully recover and, sometimes, that old wound hurts again. Roll a D6 before each battle where you intend to deploy the Hero: if you roll a 1, the Hero cannot take part to the battle; replace it with a generic Character with the same or lower point value.

31 Damaged Nervous System. The blow was so crushing that the Hero’s response to stimuli has been compromised. The Hero loses 1 Initiative point.

32 Hand Injury. The lesion makes it difficult for the Hero to properly handle weapons. The Hero loses 1 Weapons Skill point.

33-35 Deep Wound. The Hero needs time to recover from the wounds: in its next battle reduce its Wounds value by 1. If the Hero only has 1 Wound on its profile, consider this result as Leg Injury.

36-41 Prisoner. The Hero has been seized by the enemies. It cannot be fielded in any battle until it has been freed as a result of a dedicated mission.

42-61 Full Recovery. The Hero does not suffer any further effect.

62 Bitter Enemy. The most serious wound is the one on the Hero’s pride, and that stain must be washed in blood. Until the end of the Campaign, the Hero has the Hate (the faction that killed it) special rule. Moreover, If it was killed by an enemy Hero, it has the Favourite Enemy (that Hero) special rule.

63 Master of Shadows. The Hero escaped from death by hiding. It gains the Stealth special rule. If it already has it, consider this result as Full Recovery instead.

64 Hardened. The Hero faced death and survived to tell the tale. It gains the Fearless special rule. If it already has it, consider this result as Full Recovery instead.

65 Great Hero. The Hero showed to its comrades to be harder than everyone else on the planet. It gains the Eternal Warrior special rule. If it already has it, consider this result as Full Recovery instead.

66 Hard-learned Lesson. The Hero risked its life, but the experience taught it something it will not forget easily. The Hero gains 1 additional Experience point (more about Experience points in the next post of the series).


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