The Humblest

My Taghmata is not very large at the moment, and I have already posted on this blog all the most powerful units I have – well, except for the Castellax that I am going to paint and the two Imperial Knights that are still unassembled in their boxes, but these would not be very interesting as they are.

So, today I am going with the humblest soldiers and Tech-Priests, starting with the Tech-Thralls. I love the look of large armies on the battlefield (even if you would not tell, looking at my other armies: a Blood Angels successor Chapter and a Chaos renegade Chapter), so when they were first released I decided that I should include many of them in my army. Ironically, these ended up being probably the most boring models I ever painted in my life. Luckily I had only bought ten of them before this discovery. Probably the endeavour looked harder than it really was because I painted them before assembly; it is harder to see any progress on twenty components than on ten models. However, I’m satisfied of the final result, and more will come to bolster their ranks (whenever I will feel like tackling at them again, of course).

Tech-Thralls SquadTech-Thrall frontTech-Thrall left sideTech-Thrall right side

Next in line are a couple of lesser Tech-Priests, or at least models that I am going to use as such. They were originally the medic and savant of the retinue of the Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster, models so beautiful that it would have been a crime not to use in some way. Look at the medic: isn’t it perfect to represent a Magos Biologis? No? Well, what about a Lacymaerta Magos Auxillia or the Servitor of a Lacymaerta? Well, at the very least I will use it as an objective marker, but it was too Mechanicum an “40K” to pass on the chance to add it to my collection.

Magos BiologisMagos Biologis side view

The savant, instead, is perfect to represent a Lexmechanic. Most of you probably never heard of this order of Tech-Priests, for the only source about them that I can remember is the old and beloved Codex Imperialis from the starter set of the second edition. Basically, the Lexmechanic are Tech-Priests whose only duty is to compile and analyse data to input in centralised databases. As such, they are often assigned to various offices of the Adeptus Terra and the Administratum, so it is entirely possible that this model is, in fact, a Lexmechanic, and not a common savant.

Being a Tech-Priest of the lowest order, I painted its tunic in white, using the red just for a trim on its hood. As I said in a previous post, in my army the measure of red on a robe is proportional to the rank held in the Clergy of Mars.

LexmechanicLexmechanic side view

In hindsight, that white-beige ended up being too similar to the tone that I use for the scrolls. I should have used a Ogryn Flesh wash on the scrolls, instead of the usual Agrax Earthshade. Oh, well, maybe I will paint over them in the future, they are flat surfaces, and does not have fine details that may risk being covered up by another layer of colour.


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