Mechanical Devotion to the Chaos Gods

In a previous post I said that I do not plan collecting a Dark Mechanicum force, for I do not feel attracted by its concept. That did not mean, however, that I will never field some creations of the Dark Mechanicum in my Chaos Space Marine army. On the contrary! I love those bizarre and gothic fusions of tech and flesh, especially when they are walkers. The Defiler, for example, has been one of my favourite model for years. In the beginning I really liked it, but then began looking a bit disproportionate. I mean… that huge body just to hold up such a small turret? Why? That marvellous mechanical arachnoid structure could have supported something bigger and a lot more interesting!

In the years, I have seen a lot of interesting conversions based on the Defiler kit. It probably is one of the favourite kits from the modellers out there. Well, at least until the Imperial Knights gave us a more interesting and detailed robotic structure to work on, of course. It was not one of these conversions, however, to inspire me to convert the Defiler I had bought years ago. It was the Chaos Warriors War Altar from the fantasy Warhammer to strike me like a lightning. A walking altar to the Chaos Gods? Sure, why not? But, it wouldn’t have really fitted in the grim darkness of the far future with a couple of mutated giants supporting it. It had to be something mechanical. What better use for my Defiler, then?

Walking Altar - left sideWalking Altar - right side

Walking Altar - Front

Look how the daemonic face of the altar adds to the sense of menace of the model.

Walking Altar - top

As you can see, I chose put a Tzeentch Sorcerer (converted from the plastic Space Marine Librarian, as my Renegade Chapter betrayed the Imperium only recently) on it, instead of a Dark Apostle, like someone might have thought (it is a walking altar to all the four gods, after all). The reason is that I like to play with models that more or less clearly represent their options. Most of the times I am going to play this model as a Defiler, so what could stand for its main cannon and the power flail, if not a psyker ready to unleash all the might of his powers on the trembling enemies? Ok, this might seem a poor excuse to someone, but it works for me.

Even if a Dark Apostle preaching from the front pulpit would be really awesome, I must admit it! Maybe I should convert another walking altar? Maybe one that will be ridden by champions of all four Gods, like in a mini-diorama? It would be amazing, no doubt. I am really tempted to do something like that, but at the moments I have other priorities for the money in my wallet.

Chaos Sorcerer

Look at the Sorcerer focusing his mind to cast a devastating power upon his unlucky enemies. Can you feel the power crackling all around him? No? Well…

The Sorcerer's Familiar

Every powerful Sorcerer needs a Familiar to boost his already mighty psychic prowess (unless he is Raistlin Majere, of course), so I finally found a way to use this little model that comes with the Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord kit. It is a nice little addition to the model and helps filling some space on such an empty surface.

I must admit that I like almost all the Familiars produced from Games Workshop, and it is a pity that most of the old miniatures are not available any more. I would like to collect them and paint them for my psykers. I might even consider starting a Thousand Sons army just for them.

Defiler's Back

I tried to apply a Scorpion Green glaze on the flames to give them an eldritch look, but the effect is too subtle, almost invisible. I probably thinned it down too much and should correct this error

The Altar with the BookClose-up of the book

A close-up of the book on the altar. Maybe it describes the ritual to direct the blue Warpflames that burn in the braziers upon the unlucky opponents


12 thoughts on “Mechanical Devotion to the Chaos Gods

    • I know that on the Dark Side you have cookies, but still I won’t be tempted. Twenty years ago, when I fell in love with the Adeptus Mechanicus, Dark Mechanicus was not even a concept in the Designers’ minds (or so I think… I don’t remember reading about it in the Rogue Trader rulebook -years later-, but I might have just missed it), and you know that childhood memories are stronger than the passions we develop during our lives 🙂

      About the altar, just a couple of days ago I realized that maybe I could make an even cooler one, with a conversion involving at least a Dark Elves Cauldron of Blood and a Flyers base. It will have to wait, though, as now on my desk there are already the Nurgle Plague Toads and an Imperial Knights, and tomorrow I will finally receive three boxes of Skitarii (which, among other things, will provide me with some of the components I need for my two Tech-Priests conversions, one based on the Cairn Wraith and one on Inquisitor Karamazov) and a Sydonian Dragoon! So many miniatures to work on, so many ideas, and so few hobby time. Sometimes I wish I were still at school 😦

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    • My “recipe” is so easy that I am almost embarrassed to explain it! However, here it is: prime white, apply two-three thinned out layers of Ogryn Camo and then wash liberally with Athonian Camoshade. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


  1. Just found your blog. I likes what I see! Very cool idea this one. Nicely executed as well. I’ve been trying to think of a way to make my war shrine a 40k model, so thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    • Thank you very much!

      I always liked the Warshrine model and I thought a lot on how to use it for my 40k Chaos. I draw the inspiration from a conversion on one of the first White Dwarf Weekly issues, where it was used as a howdah on the back of a Maulerfiend. I thought about doing something like that, but at the same time I wanted to add a Defiler to my army, and so… this is the result!

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