Some updates on my Skitarii and Imperial Knight

Lately I have not been able to update the blog as often as in the previous week, for I had a lot of work to do and when I managed to have some free time alone I mostly spent it painting and not writing. Here it is was I have been up to:

Skitarii Rangers

Last time I showed them to you (almost a month ago) they were not even undercoated, while now I have finished their trousers, almost all their metallic parts (minus the weapons and the backpacks) and almost finished their robes. Some of them have yet received their last highlights and the last Seraphim Sepia wash. Now they just need the torsos glued to the legs and the black flames of the Incaladine Mechanicum painted.

SKitarii with final highlights and final wash

The other half of the squad is still missing the last two steps, but I will most probably do them this evening. Then I will probably switch to some lesser details (Opus Machina, lenses, cables) before doing the remaining bigger areas.

SKitarii without final highlights and final wash

Well… in truth there is another picture of my Skitarii that I want to share here. It is from a earlier stage (I had just applied the first wash) and not very clear, but the Knight in the background really look imposing from this angle.
The imposing Knight

Imperial Knight

Nothing much to show here. I undercoated the model with black and then just applied the first two layers of paint to its legs’ armour (well, in truth they were at least a dozen thin layers of paint and a wash, but just two different main tones). As you can see I have left the darker colour show in the recesses and painted a shadow on the yellow knee pad. Next steps are to add some shadows to the lower part of the thigh guards and then highlight the top areas of all the armour plates, before applying a thinned down wash of Seraphim Sepia. I do not need to add shadows to the armour of the lower legs, for their lower part will be covered with the Legio Fureans’ signature black flames.
The Knight's first plates


After many misadventures with the courier, the replacement part for my second Castellax is finally arrived, so I can show him in his full shape, even if I will not paint it for quite a bit. The Skitarii and the Knight are my priority now!
My second Castellax, finally completed


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