Annalistica Imperialis, or the History of Warhammer 40,000

This weekend I had a bit of free time while at my parent’s house, without anything to paint, so I managed to start a project that I had thought about for a lot of time. I have always liked the background of Warhammer 40,000, sometimes even more than the other aspects of the hobby, and I love reading all the historical informations that come with every book, delving into their details and nuances. That huge amount of information, however, is scattered in different publications, so it is almost impossible have a clear picture in mind, often because different books give us different perspectives and details on a single event.

So I decided to gather in a single place all the historical events that I can gather from the books I have collected in twenty years, and try to shortly retrace the last ten millennia of history of our favourite fictional galaxy. This new section of the blog will obviously be a work in progress without a set deadline, but I hope that you will appreciate it.

You can reach it from the menu of the blog, or you can use this link. Currently the sources quoted are:

  • Codex: Angels of Death (2nd edition)
  • Codex: Chaos Space Marines (6th edition)
  • Codex supplement: Black Legion (6th edition)
  • Dataslate: Be’Lakor, the Dark Master
  • Codex: Skitarii (7th edition)

Hope you’ll enjoy the reading!


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