A Custom Warhammer 40,000 Mission: Killer Ground

When the Warp envelopes a planet, nothing is ever as it seems. Even ruined buildings can suddenly come alive and go up in arms against the unsuspecting armies that were fighting nearby. The eldritch howls coming from their sealed walls are a promise of death to whoever dares to approach.

The armies

Both players choose their armies as described in the Prepare for Battle section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, up to an agreed point limit. No player can include Fortifications in its army.


Use the deployment map included in this mission. Place four Imperial Bastions (from the Fortress Assault supplement) at the four angles of the table to represent the Possessed Fortresses. Then set up the terrains as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.


Before deploying any model, the players must roll for their Warlord Traits.

First turn

The player who deployed first has the first turn, unless the other player manages to Seize the Initiative.

Game Length

The mission uses the Variable Game Length special rule.

Victory Condition

At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most Victory Points is the winner. If both players have the same number of Victory Points, then the game is a draw.

Primary Objective

At the end of the game, each player gains 1 Victory Point for each enemy unit which has been completely destroyed.

In addition, each player gains 2 Victory Point for each Possessed Fortress (see below) to which his units inflicted a Total Collapse or Detonation! result.

Secondary Objectives

Kill the Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood.

Mission Special Rules


Possessed Fortresses: the Imperial Bastions have been possessed by daemons of the four Gods of Chaos and are hostile to every living being. Even if they form a sort of stand-alone army on their own, they have the Sentry Defence System special rule, so there is no need for a Games Master or a third player in order to play this mission.

The Possessed Fortresses have BS 3 and they consider the units of both players as enemy units, so they always fire on the nearest unit. The Possessed Fortresses fire in the Shooting Phase of both players. They also have the Daemon special rule.

Each Fortress is devoted to a different Chaos God (randomly determined after deployment). Depending on its patron, the weapons of the Possessed Fortress has one of the following profiles:

Range S AP Notes
Khorne 36″ 7 4 Heavy 3
Nurgle 36″ 5 Heavy 1, Blast, Poisoned (4+)
Slaanesh 36″ 6 4 Heavy 2, Shred
Tzeentch 36″ 6 3 Heavy 1, Blast, Soul Blaze

If attacked in close combat, a Possessed Fortress will strike back as if it were an Monstrous Creature with WS 3, S 7, I 4 and A 2, and equipped with defensive grenades.

Possessed Fortresses - Deployment map


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