Incaladion’s Servitors

So, in my last hobby-related update to this blog, I had just started to paint my Servitors.

“That was over than two months ago!” I hear you complaining. “Sure, you are a slow painter, but not even you can be SO slow!”

Well, it turns out that you are right. I finished them before the Christmas holidays, but I have been so busy with the real life that I could not find a moment to take a decent picture of them.

Now that life is a bit more relaxed, however, I can finally show you the final result:

Old-style Servitors

They were fun and quick to paint, a lot more than the Tech-Thralls, that are still among the most boring models that I ever painted.

Here you can see them better, each one in its own picture:

I have also bought the other two Games Workshop’s Servitors kits (the ones with multi-melta and plasma cannon). Probably I will never use them in a game… but  you can never have enough Servitors in an Adeptus Mechanicus collection! Especially when you already have three completed Tech-Priests, two Tech-Priests on your hobby table (more on this in a future post) and the base kit for converting another Tech-Priest still in its box.

(I’m talking about Inquisitor Karamazov’s Throne of Judgement, of course. With sandpaper, greenstuff and bits (lots of bits) it will make an excellent abeyant for a 30k Taghmata Omnissiah army.)