Incaladion’s Servitors

So, in my last hobby-related update to this blog, I had just started to paint my Servitors.

“That was over than two months ago!” I hear you complaining. “Sure, you are a slow painter, but not even you can be SO slow!”

Well, it turns out that you are right. I finished them before the Christmas holidays, but I have been so busy with the real life that I could not find a moment to take a decent picture of them.

Now that life is a bit more relaxed, however, I can finally show you the final result:

Old-style Servitors

They were fun and quick to paint, a lot more than the Tech-Thralls, that are still among the most boring models that I ever painted.

Here you can see them better, each one in its own picture:

I have also bought the other two Games Workshop’s Servitors kits (the ones with multi-melta and plasma cannon). Probably I will never use them in a game… but  you can never have enough Servitors in an Adeptus Mechanicus collection! Especially when you already have three completed Tech-Priests, two Tech-Priests on your hobby table (more on this in a future post) and the base kit for converting another Tech-Priest still in its box.

(I’m talking about Inquisitor Karamazov’s Throne of Judgement, of course. With sandpaper, greenstuff and bits (lots of bits) it will make an excellent abeyant for a 30k Taghmata Omnissiah army.)


6 thoughts on “Incaladion’s Servitors

    • Thank you! Yes, I am really satisfied with the jump suits too. They are a Seraphim sepia wash over Averland sunset yellow, then Yiriel yellow for the highlights and finally seraphim sepia again, thinned down with lahmian medium to glaze consistency. For the flesh I applied a glaze with the old purple ink.

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      • Yes, they are very good and workman-like, which I guess you’d want with servitors. 🙂 I’ve dabbled with yellow here and there in bits with my space wolves and often find it hard to work with so your jumpsuits really stood out for me because they were yellow.


      • Painting yellow used to be much harder before the new base paints were released. Have you see my “How I paint my Taghmata” series on this blog? In post #2 I exploit how I paint yellow on medium surfaces. It is a nice method for smaller areas too

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      • I’ll check it out, thanks. I do have the base paints you’ve talked about but I’ve avoided trying it because of my bad experiences in the past with painting yellow. 😦


      • Don’t worry, Ann. If with a little of patience and Lahmian Medium I managed to get these results over a black undercoat, you can reach them too, especially if you make your life easier by using a lighter basecoat! I would never use a white basecoat on my Ad Mech army, for it would make the models too shiny, but everything depends on the objective that you are trying to reach.

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