Another Unit Done: Nurgle Plague Toads

Rejoice, servants of Nurgle! After sitting unfinished for more than a year on my hobby table, the Plague Toads are finally ready to bolster my small Daemon force.

Plague Toad 1

See how happy she is?

Painting them has not been hard: most of the surfaces have been painted with washes, glazes, inks and drybrush, with only the red parts and the boils having been carefully layered.

Plague Toad 3

What made me procrastinate so hard is probably the huge number of boils and sores on their bodies. Painting each of them without missing anyone seemed a daunting task. And this feeling affected me, as in each painting session I could not force myself to do more than a step on a single toad. So it took me three days to apply the base colour on all their boils, another three days to wash them with the old GW Dark Green Ink and finally three more days to highlight them.

Incidentally, I used the old GW inks to paint the livid skin around the open wounds, mixing them with Lahmian Medium to get a more transparent effect. I used Magenta Ink and Purple Ink, if anyone is curious about it. To get the effect of a still bleeding wound, instead, I simply applied the excellent technical paint Blood for the Blood God.

Plague Toad wound - detail

That’s it. They are not exactly how imagined them in the beginning (I did not think that, with all these boils, in the end the green would have almost prevailed on the daemonic flesh), but I am happy nonetheless.


And another unit leaves my painting backlog! Now to the next one. It is time for some more Genestealer Cults love, I think.


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