Events of M35

Undated: A schismatic sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus gains power and starts to spread its ideals from the forge world Moirae. Moirae is destroyed, but the schism spreads to the whole cult and to a certain number of Titan legions and Space Marines Chapters. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

117: A single member of the Black Legion escapes the destruction of the ship Talon of Rage and reaches the feral world of Skyrro. He then becomes a powerful warlord known as “Ragged King”. The Astra militarum needs a decade to recover the world. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

303: Twelve courts of Skitarii are sent on the world of Geminex to aid the Knights of the House Raven to fight the Eldar Exodites and their allies from Biel-Tan. The war is going well for the Imperium, but when the Skitarii have gathered all possible information about the Eldar weapons and defences, they retreat, leaving the House Raven Knights in a difficult situation. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

342: The radical Inquisitor Quixos is declared heretic and Extremis Diabouls. (Codex Daemonhunters, 3rd edition)

345: Inquisitor Quixos is eliminated by a cell of five Inquisitors led by Eisenhorn. (Codex Daemonhunters, 3rd edition)

437: Iriad IV, an industrial world near the Eye of Terror, is invaded by a Chaos warband of World Eaters. Captain Revellion of the Ebon Knights Space Marines Chapter leads his man against the renegades, but is driven insane by their deaths and vows himself to Khorne, turning against the Imperium and attacking anything that moves. The population of Iriad IV is evacuated and the planet declared perditas. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

598: The High Lords of Terra declare a new Foundations of Space Marines Chapters. The Astral Claws are among the new Chapters created at that time. Their designed task is to guard the space lanes surrounding the Maelstrom. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

739: Periclitor destroys the 5th Armoured Terran Praefects. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

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