Events of M36

Undated: At the beginning of the millennium, Goge Vandire’s plot result in him becoming head both of the Adeptus Ministorum and the Adeptus Administratum. It is the beginning of the Age of Apostasy and the Reign of Blood. The Adepta Soriritas is founded from the order of the Daughters of the Emperor, from the world of San Leor. The Reign of Blood lasts for around 70 years. On the world of Dimammar, a set called Confederation of Light, led by Sebastian Thor, declares Vandire a traitor. The fleet sent to crush the Confederation of Light is destroyed by a sudden Warp storm, which is now known as the Storm of the Emperor’s Wrath. Vandire is finally killed by Alicia Dominica of the Adepta Sororitas, after she has been brought at the presence of the Emperor by the Adeptus Custodes. (Codex Witch Hunters, 3rd edition)

104: An explorator fleet full of Skitarii Macroclades is sent on the world Chain of Mortuam to recover long-lost STC modules. The war against the Eldar lasts for about a century, but many STC for first-generation ammunitions are finally brought to Mars. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

288: The Decree Passive is issued, preventing forever the Adeptus Ministorum from having “men under arms”. (Codex Witch Hunters, 3rd edition)

335: The forge world Stygies VIII is attacked by the Ordo Xenos Deathwatch for it is the home of a sect that dabbles in xeno technology, the xenarites. The Adeptus Mechanicus survives only by applying extreme measures. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

437: Infected Orks attack the Ecclesiarchy world of Sanctia. While the Adepta Sororitas purge the Greenskins, the Daemon Primarch Mortarion and the Death Guard make planetfall and conquer the planet, destroying all opposition. The plague starts to spread throughout the sector. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

723: The fifth of Abaddon’s Black Crusades. The Elysia sector is ravaged, and the Warhawks and Venerators Space Marines Chapter are utterly destroyed among the ruins of Kasyr Lutein, on the world of Tarinth. Their skulls are added to the throne of Khorne. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

799: Periclitor leads an army on Urus Prime and defeats the Grey Knights sent to stop him. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

836: The Annihilators Space Marines Chapter succumbs to blood psychosis after the Xenocidal Quietus Campaign. The corrupted Chaplains trick the remaining few sanes in performing an ancient ritual that opens their soul to daemonic possession. The Beasts of Annihilation Chaos warband is born. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

901: The sixth of Abaddon’s Black Crusades. After the siege of Arkreath, Abaddon kills Drecarth the Sightless, a former comrade and now leader of a faction of the Black Legion still loyal to the memory of Horus (or so Be’Lakors revealed to Abaddon). His warband, the Sons of the Eye, bow to Abaddon and pledge him fealty. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

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