Events of M37


  • The older record of the Blood Ravens Space Marines Chapter dates back to the first years of this millennium: it speaks of a war in the Gothic Sector against the scions of Chaos. Litanies of other Chapters and Imperial organizations, however, seem to prove that they existed even in previous millennia. (Index Astartes: Blood Ravens)
  • The Liber Astartes is compiled. It lists twenty Space Marines Chapters founder after the First Black Crusade of Abaddon with the specific task of guarding against future Chaos incursions. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

170: The Skitarii from forge world Graia fight together with the Fire Wasps Titan Legio against three Chaos Titans. The battle is won around the walls of the colossal Castle Retross. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

213: The Chosen of Abaddon fight one another to the death in a tournament wished by their master. The Despoiler then kills the winner to seal a pact with Khorne, gaining the Bloodthirster Hakk’an’Graah as an ally. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

321: Saint Basilius’ power greatly increases after the Ecclesiarchal Purges he directs against cultists and mutants. He then finds impure at least thirty Space Marines Chapters whose homeworlds have been touched by the Dionys warp storm and sends them on a redemptive crusade in the Eye of Terror. Many of those Chapters fall to Chaos. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

550: The north-western fringe of the galaxy is ravaged by the Apostles of the Blind King, a sect of renegade Tech-Priests that consider mankind as an outrage against the Machine God. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

563: Urhua Thereaux, Assassin of the Venenum Temple is sent to eliminate the renegade Governor Yawell of the planet Morisha, in the Eastern Fringe. The vessel transporting the Assassin is lost in the warp. (Codex: Assassins, 3rd edition)

772: Sevastos Molochai, planetary governor of Urskas Sol Tetra, contacts a coven of Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines. In eight weeks, his planet becomes a daemon world. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

811: The seventh of Abaddon’s Black Crusades, also known as “The Ghost War”. Abaddon leads a band of Khorne Berzerkers against the Blood Angels positions and destroys them. The gene-seed of the fallen will be used in a pact with Fabius Bile for the creation of new Space Marines. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition; Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition; Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

812: Abaddon experiments on ways to corrupt captured loyalist Space Marines and turn them in servants of the Chaos Gods. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

888: The Emperor’s Tarots foretell that a Chaos threat from the Goreworlds. The Emperor’s Wolves Chapter is sent to stop the menace, but the 8th Company is corrupted by Khorne and becomes the Blood Disciples Chaos warband. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

999: The eighth of Abaddon’s Black Crusades, also known as the Skullgather. The Despoiler completes a complex ritual of death in the name of Tzeentch, slaughtering countless people in precise numbers and esoteric rituals on many worlds of the Segmentum Obscurus. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

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