Events of M38


  • The 5th Company of the Blood Ravens Space Marines Chapter is declared lost in the Warp. According to some sources, the Librarian leading it turned to Chaos and corrupted his brothers, but the truth is uncertain. (Index Astartes: Blood Ravens)
  • In the middle of the millennium, Ecclesiarch Deacis VI orders the creation of two new orders of the Adepta Sororitas, the Order of the Bloody Rose and the Order of the Sacred Rose. (Codex Witch Hunters, 3rd edition)

019: In the Space Hulk “Soul of Damnation”, Terminators from the Flesh Tearers Space Marine Chapter discover a lone Space Marine of the Luna Wolves Legion held in stasis. After awakening, he discovers of the ancient betrayal of his brothers and, filled with rage, escapes in the void with one of the Flesh Tearer’s crafts. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

112: Some members of the Chapters sent on a Crusade by Saint Bassilius in 321.M37 returns from the Eye of Terror, reveal the Saint to be an apostle of Chaos in disguise and kill him. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition)

143: The renegade Imperial Commander Brassika is killed by a Culexus Assassin. (Codex: Assassins, 3rd edition)

220: Periclitor guides his army against the First Company of the Howling Griffons Space Marines Chapter while it was returning on its home planet to celebrates the 5000th anniversary of the Chapter’s founding, slaughtering it. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

261: The vessel of Urhua Thereaux exits from the Warp after 698 years. Its intended target is long dead, but has been replaced by an anti-Imperial democratic committee of 1000 members. Loyal to the Imperium, Thereaux kills them all by poisoning their chairs. (Codex: Assassins, 3rd edition)

273: Periclitor provokes the corruption of the Pedagogue of Sanctity IX. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

335: The Shadow of the Silica Animus. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

356: The world of Sanisor is devastated by the Black Legion, that summons a host of Daemons in its surface. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

573: The ninth of Abaddon’s Black Crusades. The world of Monarchive is destroyed, while Antecanis and Cancephalus are engulfed in a 17-years long war that drains their population. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 6th edition, Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

731: The astropathic cry for help sent by a company of Luna Wolves eight millennia before is received by the Black Legions Sorcerers. Abaddon reaches them, discovers their degeneration and welcomes them into the Black Legion. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

789: On the eve of Candlemass, Periclitor and his men teleport in the Cathedral of the planet Bray, murdering the Cardinal in front of his congregation. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

889: The Scourging of Ynthel. Grifon tanks with dozer blades are used by the Narmenian Armoured Companies of the Astra Militarum to clear enemy earthworks. (Chapter Approved 2004)

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