Events of M39

Undated: The Dark Angels Space Marines Chapter builds a temple in Kadillus Harbour, on the planet Piscina IV, to act as a recruitment center. (Storm of Vengeance Campaign, revised for 4th edition)

001: The tenth of Abaddon’s Black Crusades. The Helica Sector is attacked by Abaddon and Perturabo’s Iron Warriors. These bring the devastation against the hatred Iron Hands Space Marines Chapter and the worlds of the Medusa System. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

187: During the Tithe Wars, set in motion by the murdering of the Bray Cardinal three centuries earlier, Periclitor attains Daemonhood. (Codex Chaos Space Marines, 3rd edition)

211: Abaddon discovers a half-completed in the Eye of Terror. When completed, it will become the dreaded Planet Killer. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

301: The eleventh of Abaddon’s Black Crusades. After being lost in the currents of the Warp, Abaddon’s fleet emerges in realspace in the path of the Waaagh! led by Murgor ‘Undred Teef. After months of war, Abaddon leaves the cardinal world of Relorria with a great number of orkoid prisoners, which he will use for his experiments regarding the fusion of the material and immaterial worlds in new kinds of horror. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

721: The Savage Swords Space Marines Chapter descends in a blood madness and commits unspeakable atrocities on the world of Hyboras. They have fallen in the worship of Khorne and join the Black Legion. (Codex Supplement: Black Legion, 6th edition)

785: The Fabricator General of Mars attacks the Temple of the Culexus Assassins on Terra to reclaim its treasures. The civil war is avoided by a sniper’s shot, but the Skitarii manage to seize the Golden Wheel artifact. (Codex: Skitarii, 7th edition)

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