Another Unit Done: Nurgle Plague Toads

Rejoice, servants of Nurgle! After sitting unfinished for more than a year on my hobby table, the Plague Toads are finally ready to bolster my small Daemon force.

Plague Toad 1

See how happy she is?

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Working on the Plague Toads Again

WIP Plague Toads

A bit nearer to completion than last year… still unfinished, unluckily

Nurgle Plague Toads and WIP Adeptus Mechanicus Fortress

I am lacking hobby time lately, but as the Skitarii release is coming closer and closer, I realized that I need to make some room in my room (pun not intended) to put all the new models that I am going to buy, so I better move with glue and brushes. That is why I tackled two projects today. Do not worry, I am not stealing time to the Castellax that I am painting for the “Painting my Taghmata” series on this blog: it is completed already, even if I have not shown it yet (the last post will be released on Monday).

First I want to show you the Nurgle Plague Toads from Forge World. Yes, Adeptus Mechanicus and Space Marines are not my only armies, in the last years I have been tempted by the Ruinous Powers too, and I have a large collection of Chaos Space Marines and Daemons, which gave me many satisfactions on the battlefield during more than a campaign.

Nurgle Plague Toad 1Nurgle Plague Toad 2Nurgle Plague Toad 3

Maybe the white background was not a great idea for these pictures, and the light was not the best one to show the colour transitions. The models look quite boring for now, but I have not done a lot yet, just applied some red in the mouths and open sores, the first layer of Rakarth Flesh on the skin and the first Atonian Camoshade wash. In the end their colour scheme will be like that of my Plagueridden:

Converted Plagueridden

…but with the Plague Toads I will probably also make some experiment with the Nurgle’s Rot technical color.

These models, however, are exactly as amazing as they look in the pictures, full of blisters and wounds, and even if painting all those little details will be much time-consuming (the rashes will take days), it will be a great experience. The Plaguebearers were really fun to paint (I needed to paint some “skin” after so many years of power armours, true, but still…), so I expect the Plague Toads to be no less so.

Then I came back to the fortress I started building for my Adeptus Mechanicus force some weeks ago and glued the grids to the lower structure, the railings to the ceiling sections and some other bit here and there (including a main access door, which cannot be seen from this side). Still a lot of work to do, but this slight update really made it silhouette more interesting, in my opinion.

Adeptus Mechanicus Fortress

Speaking of modelling projects… it looks like the new Skitarii models will be an endless source of bits to convert Tech-Priests! I was right to wait to work on my Cairn Wraith conversion!