Soldiers of Incaladion: Completed Myrmydon Secutors

At long last I have completed my Myrmidon Secutors. These models are really easy to paint, and a pleasure to work with. Their only weak point is their arms, that are brittle and can break easily if you do not handle them with the due care.

Myrmidon Secutor with Plasma Fusils

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Lords of Incaladion – Kitbashing a Techpriest Dominus

Kitbashed Magos Dominus

Maybe you can recognize the Techpriest from this old post (almost eight months ago). As you can see, in the meantime I managed to work on him a bit, adding some leftovers from the Techpriest Domins plastic kit, a syringe and a tentacle from the Dark Eldar Talos, a servo-pincer from a Tecmarine and a servo-skull from Forgeworld’s Magos Dominus kit (the first Ad-mech model I’ve ever painted).

I’m in two minds with him. On one hand I think he still need other gothic-steampunk details to seamlessly blend in the Adeptus Mechanicus range. On the other hand, I think that adding any more details might overburden the model. Time and inspiration will tell, I think.

A growing martian family

The Servitors were not the only project I’ve been working on in the last months.As I told you in the last post, I have two new Tech-Priests currently on my hobby table. One the regular Tech-Priest Dominus from the Cult Mechanicus range, that I bought on the release day and never managed to paint. Until now:

This is just the beginning, so nothing much to say yet, but I will repeat that good advice that I always give to myself and never pay attention to: paint it unassembled! Its particular shape makes it really difficult to reach all the recesses with a brush, and even if you manage to reach the most difficult parts, there is no way that you can manage to apply control the application of the paint.

The energy glow that can be seen between the coils of its eradication ray is pure Nihilak Oxide. I have seen this techniques around on the internet, and decided to try it for myself. I must admit that the final result is not bad at all, for such a simple and fast trick.

As for the other Tech-Priest, many, many months ago I published a post where, among many other updates, I showed you where I was with this conversion. At the time I just had the idea of adding, under the torso, some cables from the Space Marines Centurions kit, to represent the typical mechadendrites of the martian clergy.

As the time passed, however, the idea started to appear less and less intriguing. Then, when I tried to fit on these cables the leftover weapons from the Tech-Priest Dominus, failing to achieve any acceptable result, I understood that I had to reject the idea. Or, at least, to try a different approach.

Tinkering with the components, I thought that maybe I could try to see how would it look if I tried to achieve a classical Doctor Octopus feel, just for fun. So, it started like a joke, but the final result surprised me.

Tech-priest - the Cairn Wraith Projects

What do you think ? For me it is great. The sense of motion conveyed from the mechadendrites seems genuine and fits perfectly with the dynamics of the base miniature. The only caveat is that I should choose with great care the tech-gimmicks that will be held by these tentacles, to avoid weighing down his figure too much. Obviously I will try to sculpt the robes of the model, trying to cover the joint of the cables as if they were sprouting from a hole in the vest.

There is still a conundrum that I cannot solve, however: what should I use below it torso? I was thinking to the cable-hairs of Archmagos Draykavac, but I fear that the component might end up being too small (until I buy the model, I have no way to test it). Do you have any idea?


A Knight, a Tech-Priest and a Map walk Into a Blog…

Today’s post is just a small update to show where some of my many work-in-progress projects are just now. Yes, as you might have guessed from the title (was it hard, uh? No? Oh, well…) I am talking of the Imperial Knight, of the Cairn Wraith conversion and of the map of Tyran Primus.

The Knight

Not very much to show here, as I have mostly tried (invain) to figure out ways to add more antennae, sensors and cablings. The only new component I have managed to fit, however, is the Land Speeder antenna.

The Knight with the Land Speeder Antenna

I think it fits nicely, and adds a welcome asimmetry making to the model, it visually heavier on the sword side. As for the realism, being shorter than the heavy stubber and rotating together with the torso, it wouldn’t be an hindrance for the Knight’s actions. Also, and this is a most important consideration, in that position it wouldn’t make the model more difficult to transport!

Two other details I added are a scroll-work on the heraldic shield…

Heraldic shield

… and a surveillance servoskull column on its base, recently installed by the Tech-Priests in no-man’s land to spy the enemy movements and alert them if someone gets too near the the defensive perimeter.

Surveillance Servo-skull

The Tech-Priest

I must admit that if I did not progress much with the knight is because of my Tech-Priests. It turned out that I was right when I decided to wait until the release of the new Skitarii kits before working any more on it, for these chests with the Opus Machina on them are pretty much what I wanted to use. (I only wish I had waited more to glue its head in place, as I really like what EdT from Bolter and Chainsword did on his conversion with a Sicarian’s mask, and I would have greatly preferred it to the Sanguinary Guard mask I had used.)

As you can see I have also added some Centurion’s cables to stand as mechadendrites (not glued yet, just dry-fitted), but I have not decided yet what kind of equipment or weapons to attach on them. Maybe I should wait for the release of the rumored Codex Cult Mechanicus to see which kind of options there will be for the eventual Tech-Priests that might be in there? I don’t know, if the wait turns out to be too long probably I will end up equipping and using it as a Horus Heresy Magos Dominus. We will see.

I know, I know, you are probably thinking “Hey, this is a Tech-Priest, he should have more cablings!”. I am, in fact, thinking of adding another cable (taken from the Imperial Knight’s battle cannon), but this time pointing to the rear, as I think that the model would be too unbalanced if that too was oriented to the front.

Another tweak I was considering is to cut its robe from that small rock that supports it and make it “float” on a flying stem light those included in the Eldar Jetbikes’ kit. I have not decided yet, so I am open to suggestions, if you have any.

The map

I finally managed to complete a new map for the Tyran Primus campaign that I plan to run someday. This one took me much more time than I thought, for it was really difficult to find the right balance between the earth-masses and the oceans. Since the second edition’s Codex Tyranids, Tyran Primus has always been described as an ocean world, where the seas cover the 80% of the planet (by comparison, on our Earth they cover 70% of the surface), and I wanted to stick to that, but after reaching the 72% it was really difficult to decide which islands to remove, where to split a continent in two or more and where to erode the coastline. In the end, however, I manage to do it (I think I might have reached the 82%), and I am really happy with the result. Maybe the equatorial deserts look a bit out of focus, but I do not think it is so obvious. Also, I am not a professional map-maker, but just a guy who wants to play a Warhammer 40,000 campaign with his friends, so I do not need to reach perfection (which would take me a really long time, time that I would rather spend on other activities), but just a good impression.

Tyran Primus - final map

And with a grid overlay, as if it was a computerised elaboration based on satellite data:

Tyran Primus with a grid overlay

Final Treat

As a final treat, I will show you two other works in progress, my first unit of Skitarii Rangers…

Skitarii Rangers

Notice that I chose to not give the Alpha a pistol, but to leave him his rifle. The Skitarii pistols’ ranges are too short, and I don’t plan to let my rangers be so near to the enemy that one of them would be useful. This forced me to have two models with the same rifle pose, but as they are cyborg that follow combat routines implanted in their brains, I think it would be normal for them to assume similar positions.

… and my second Castellax. I am still waiting for a replacement component to be sent me by Forge World, before assembling its other arm.

Castellax with multi-melta