The Family is Growing: Genestealer Cults Aberrants

Genestealer Cults Aberrants unit

Even if the subtitle of this blog is “Working for the Omnissiah”, lately I have not been painting any Adeptus Mechanicus-aligned model. Well, the fact is: the weather has not been good enough to undercoat any new model in the latest month, and when it was I had more pressing matters to attend to or was in the bed with a flu. So, waiting for sunnier days without wind, I am currently focusing on clearing my backlog of started-but-never-completed models. The choice then fell on the Genestealer Cults Aberrants because I wanted to try to paint some skin a muscles, after so much robes and metallic plates.

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Another Unit Done: Nurgle Plague Toads

Rejoice, servants of Nurgle! After sitting unfinished for more than a year on my hobby table, the Plague Toads are finally ready to bolster my small Daemon force.

Plague Toad 1

See how happy she is?

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Soldiers of Incaladion: Completed Myrmydon Secutors

At long last I have completed my Myrmidon Secutors. These models are really easy to paint, and a pleasure to work with. Their only weak point is their arms, that are brittle and can break easily if you do not handle them with the due care.

Myrmidon Secutor with Plasma Fusils

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Machines of Incaladion – Scyllax Guardian Automata

Scyllax Guardian Automata Covenant

Disturbing automata, birthed by the nightmare of a crazy Tech-priest (and the illustrations of John Blanche, clearly). They are not very easy to paint, due to their shape and the many cables on them. Completing them, however is incredibly rewarding and, as an added bonus (or was it the reason I bought them in the first place?), they look great both in the cabinet and on the battlefield!

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Soldiers of Incaladion: Skitarii Vanguard

Incaladine Skitarii Vanguard squad

Yes, I know, I know… I should try to finish one of the units I am currently working on, instead of starting a new one. I have a good excuse for this, however! A couple of months ago with some friends we arranged a Kill Team campaign day, and I absolutely wanted to bring for the first time my Adeptus Mechanicus on the table.

After a couple of playtesting games to try different units on the field, I settled for a ten-man unit of Skitarii Vanguards supported by my Sydonian Dragoon. So, as I only had a Rangers unit, I had to start building and painting as fast as I could, putting aside all the other projects.


Unluckily I did not complete the unit within the deadline (looks like 40 days are not enough for me to complete a single unit), but it did not matter, as the campaign was called off due to last-minute engagements for three out of seven players.

Even if we did not play in the end, I am happy that I have found the motivation to finally build and paint a box of models that I bought almost two years ago! My backlog is finally starting to clear! (If I manage to not buy immediately the new Belisarius Cawl, that is…)


Now, let’s finish those Scyllax Guardian Automata and Myrmidon Secutors.