Soldiers of Incaladion: Skitarii Vanguard

Incaladine Skitarii Vanguard squad

Yes, I know, I know… I should try to finish one of the units I am currently working on, instead of starting a new one. I have a good excuse for this, however! A couple of months ago with some friends we arranged a Kill Team campaign day, and I absolutely wanted to bring for the first time my Adeptus Mechanicus on the table.

After a couple of playtesting games to try different units on the field, I settled for a ten-man unit of Skitarii Vanguards supported by my Sydonian Dragoon. So, as I only had a Rangers unit, I had to start building and painting as fast as I could, putting aside all the other projects.


Unluckily I did not complete the unit within the deadline (looks like 40 days are not enough for me to complete a single unit), but it did not matter, as the campaign was called off due to last-minute engagements for three out of seven players.

Even if we did not play in the end, I am happy that I have found the motivation to finally build and paint a box of models that I bought almost two years ago! My backlog is finally starting to clear! (If I manage to not buy immediately the new Belisarius Cawl, that is…)


Now, let’s finish those Scyllax Guardian Automata and Myrmidon Secutors.