Soldiers of Incaladion – WIP Myrmidon Secutors

Myrmidon Secutors

Those are really gorgeous models, that any Adeptus Mechanicus fanatic should add to his/hers collection! The only problem with them is that their arms are really fragile.


Machines of Incaladion – WIP Scyllax Guardian Automata

Scyllax Guardian Automata

Still many things to do on them…

Lords of Incaladion – Kitbashing a Techpriest Dominus

Kitbashed Magos Dominus

Maybe you can recognize the Techpriest from this old post (almost eight months ago). As you can see, in the meantime I managed to work on him a bit, adding some leftovers from the Techpriest Domins plastic kit, a syringe and a tentacle from the Dark Eldar Talos, a servo-pincer from a Tecmarine and a servo-skull from Forgeworld’s Magos Dominus kit (the first Ad-mech model I’ve ever painted).

I’m in two minds with him. On one hand I think he still need other gothic-steampunk details to seamlessly blend in the Adeptus Mechanicus range. On the other hand, I think that adding any more details might overburden the model. Time and inspiration will tell, I think.