Back to the field!

Hello, everyone! I am finally back for an update. I have been silent for more than six months, and for almost all of this time I was away from the hobby.┬áThe last time I posted anything on this blog the summer had not yet struck with all his might – then the hottest season I can remember began. It was so hot that, even during the night, the paints would dry on the palette as soon as I thinned them, so all my projects suffered a severe setback. I think this could be the main reason why the hobby is not so popular in the southern parts of Europe while being extremely widespread in the northern Countries.

When the temperature reverted to acceptable levels, the much-awaited Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain was released, and most of my sporadic free time was absorbed by it . Now, having finally completed its main story, and with the complicity of the flu that prevented me going to work for a couple of days, I finally found the time to return to my miniatures. And this is going to be a big post!

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